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Hervey Bay and K'gari

Hervey Bay and K'gari

Welcome to the thrilling duo of Hervey Bay and K'gari (Fraser Island), offering an array of activities for every adventurer. Experience the world's whale-watching capital in Hervey Bay, with close encounters with migrating humpback whales and golden beaches for relaxation and water sports. Embark on a serene journey through the Great Sandy Straits. 

Hop on a day tour to K'gari, the largest sand island on the planet and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Immerse yourself in ancient rainforests and plunge into the crystal-clear waters of Lake McKenzie. Explore the captivating Maheno Shipwreck and refreshing Eli Creek with a 4WD adventure along 75 Mile Beach. Encounter unique wildlife, from dingoes to vibrant birdlife, promising an unforgettable experience. These destinations are sure to leave you with cherished memories and a longing for more adventure and natural beauty. 

Whatever activity you are looking for Day Trippin will lead you to the perfect choice for you!



Lady Musgrave Island Southern Barrier Reef Experience

Dive into adventure with the Lady Musgrave Experience day tour! Explore the vibrant Lady Musgrave Lagoon and encounter the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Perfect for all ages, discover abundant marine life while snorkelling the pristine lagoon.

Jetski Tour Hervey Bay

Dive into a 3.5-hour jetski escapade along the Great Sandy Strait Marine Park and K'gari. Brace yourself of adrenaline-packed fun, encounter marine life, and create some unforgettable memories!

Fraser Island Beach House Tag-Along 4WD Tour 2-Day

Join our exclusive 2-day beach house accommodated tag-along tour, designed for a small group of adventurers (maximum 18 people). Experience K'gari's top attractions with an all-inclusive package, no surprises or hidden fees.

1 Day 4wd Hire (Fraser Island)

Travel in comfort with an automatic Toyota Prado, offering up to 6 seats. Benefit from a comprehensive 4WD safety briefing and a personalized itinerary. Additionally, receive an Esky (cool box) for your convenience; bring your lunch and ice for the journey.

Blue Dolphin Eco Adventure Hervey Bay

Join this multi-award-winning tour for an exclusive dolphin experience. Witness playful bottlenose and Humpback dolphins in their natural habitat along the Great Sandy Strait coast. Create unforgettable memories up close with these magnificent marine creatures.

Champagne Sunset Sail Hervey Bay

Experience the magic of a Champagne Sunset Sail aboard the luxurious Blue Dolphin . 90 minutes of pure bliss on Hervey Bay's calm waters watching the sunset over K'gari (Fraser Isl). All-inclusive drinks and finger food. Departures at 5:15 pm (summer) and 4:30 pm (winter).

Remote K'gari and Whale Experience

Venture into K'gari's secluded west coast, away from the crowds. Explore hidden gems only locals know. Enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, bushwalking, and thrilling tube rides, all included.

Half Day Spirit of Hervey Bay Whale Watch Cruise

Enjoy a whale-watching experience like no other with six spacious viewing decks, unique underwater viewing rooms, and a waterline platform for close encounters. Listen to whales sing via hydrophones, all on the most stable and comfortable boat. Plus, enjoy FREE WiFi and convenient tourist accommodation transfers or parking.

Morning or Afternoon Whale Watch Cruise Hervey Bay

Join an early morning whale watch cruise to see the majestic humpback whales in their natural habitat on the calm waters of the Great Sandy Strait. Breakfast and morning tea included.

K'gari Exclusive Tour

Discover an exclusive K'gari (Fraser Isl) adventure designed just for you. With a commitment to excellence, this tour accommodates a maximum of 4 guests, ensuring an intimate, enlightening experience. Book now!

Fantastic Fraser Tour

Experience K'gari with modern 4WD comfort. Max group size: 6 for personalized adventures, visiting all the iconic spots. Whether with family, friends, or solo, don't miss this chance to uncover the magic of K'gari.

1 day Experience Tour K'gari

Our unwavering commitment to excellence means we cater to a maximum of only 4 guests. This guarantees an intimate and incredibly enlightening K'gari experience, enabling you to fully embrace its awe-inspiring beauty and storied history. Book your extraordinary journey today!

Whalesong Whale Watch Tour Hervey Bay

Experience breaching Humpbacks on our Morning (5-hour) or Afternoon + Sunset (4-hour) cruises, with commentary, meals, and an eco-conscious crew.

Premium Whale Watch Tour Hervey Bay

Experience a relaxing day onboard a luxury vessel, in Hervey Bay, Queensland, observing the majestic humpback whales in their natural habitat. Prices include hotel transfers, morning and afternoon tea, plus a delectable tropical buffet lunch for a hassle-free adventure!

Exclusive Whale Watch Encounter Hervey Bay

Embark on a day of whale watching from mid-July to late October. Depart 7:30 am, return at satisfaction. Savor morning tea, lunch, and a complimentary drink. Experience in-water platform, hydrophone, and scopes. Modern vessel offers ample time with whales, with walk-around decks and shaded seating, limited passengers, eco friendly.

Tasman Venture Half Day Whale Watch Encounter Hervey Bay

Experience the best of Queensland whale watching on a luxurious 20m catamaran. Witness the majestic humpback whales up close with clear viewing decks, underwater viewing, hydrophone, and expert staff for an unforgettable experience. 8.30am and 1.00pm departures

Remote K'gari Experience

Discover the untouched beauty and the remote wilderness of K'gari (Fraser Isl) on this incredible full day tour Explore hidden gems, guided walks, watersports, and encounter wildlife. Departs daily at 8.00 am Be captivated!

Djinang Cultural Walking Tour Hervey Bay

Experience Indigenous magic on your Hervey Bay adventure! Discover the Extraordinary local Indigenous Culture on this 90-Minute Walking Tour

Milbi Sunset Cruise Hervey Bay

The perfect way to unwind from the day. A gentle and relaxing cruise on the Great Sandy Marine Park. Feast on fresh king prawns, grazing platter, champagne, glorious sunset. Pure enchantment.

Turtle Discovery Tour Hervey Bay

Immerse yourself in the crystal waters of Great Sandy Strait and connect with nature. Join Milbi's glass-bottomed adventure for snorkeling, wildlife spotting, and beach relaxation. Embrace eco-tourism at it's best

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