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Explore the Inclusions in the Comprehensive 4WD Hire Packages

  • Hassle-Free Booking Process: Preparing for a K'gari getaway, this adventure can be quite intricate, especially when it hinges on barge availability. Secure your ideal getaway by booking in advance, particularly during peak seasons. Eliminate last-minute stress and ensure a smooth start to your trip.

  • Tailored Itinerary: K'gari exploration is heavily influenced by tides and weather conditions. Let us take care of your itinerary planning, sparing you unnecessary driving time. Relax knowing that we've meticulously crafted the best itinerary for your journey. Enjoy hidden inland gems during high tide and safely traverse Eastern Beach during low tide for an unforgettable experience.

  • Extensive K'gari Expertise: The knowledgeable Dingo team are well-versed in all things Fraser Island. Whether it's Dingo awareness, short or extended hikes, nature conservation, or the island's rich history, we've got you covered. Just let us know what piques your interest, and we'll provide the insights you seek.

  • Eco-Friendly Experience: When you travel with this company, be rest assured they are committed to environmental responsibility. They offset the carbon emissions of all our 4WD vehicles, use sustainable office products, and prioritize recycling and composting. Additionally, the headquarters operates on solar power, further minimizing our environmental footprint.

  • Fuel Inclusion: When you hire a vehicle from us, it comes with a full tank of unleaded fuel. We kindly request that you return the vehicle with a full tank as well. The approximate cost of a full tank ranges from $50 to $100+ depending on the duration of your hire.

  • Pristine Vehicle Condition: Rest assured, all the vehicles are meticulously cleaned and detailed before your hire. Pleae return the vehicle in the same clean condition. You have the option to clean it yourself at a nearby car wash (approximately $25.00) or add the Dingo Clean service for $60.

  • Automatic 4WD Rentals: Explore the island in style with our vibrant PINK or BLUE Toyota Landcruiser Prado's, suitable for 1 to 6 people (conditions apply).

  • Dingo Safety Measures: Your safety is paramount. Dingo literature is provided in advance and equip all 4WD vehicles with dingo sticks for protection. Your peace of mind is our priority.

  • Barge Transfers: Please note that barge transfers to K'gari (Fraser Island) are no longer included in our booking process. We'll provide you with a link and departure times to book your own barge/ferry via the Sealink booking portal. If you prefer, we can assist you in booking this service for a fee of $30. Prices typically start from $220.00 for the vehicle + $7 per person during off-peak times. Once your barge booking is confirmed, we'll send you a detailed trip schedule.

  • Vehicle Access Permit for K'gari Fraser Island: To enter the recreation area, you must secure your own vehicle access permit with the correct registration number for the hired vehicle. We'll send you an email with the vehicle details a day before departure, and you can book this permit through the QPWS online booking website. The permit cost starts at $57 and is a mandatory local charge, without which we cannot release the vehicle.

  • Mandatory 4WD Safety Briefing: Before departure, we conduct a comprehensive 1-hour safety briefing. This session equips you with all the essential information to make the most of your time on Fraser Island. The briefing can take place the day before departure or on the morning of departure, depending on availability. Please allocate at least 2 hours before your preferred barge departure time.

1 Day 4wd Hire (Fraser Island)

1 Day 4wd Hire (Fraser Island)


9 hours





Pickup from accommodation:


Departure time/s:

Departure point: 

What to bring

Cancellation Policy
Travel in comfort with an automatic Toyota Prado, offering up to 6 seats. Benefit from a comprehensive 4WD safety briefing and a personalized itinerary. Additionally, receive an Esky (cool box) for your convenience; bring your lunch and ice for the journey.
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