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Australia & New Zealand tours

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  • Picturesque Journey: Enjoy a scenic ride along the Captain Cook Highway, soaking in breathtaking views that set the tone for an exciting day ahead.

  • Wildlife Wonderland: Step into Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures, a haven for diverse and exotic creatures. Explore woodlands and vibrant rainforests, encountering a fascinating array of wildlife.

  • Thrilling Shows: Be captivated by heart-pounding performances! Witness the Crocodile Attack Show, marvel at slithering wonders in the Snake Show, and get up close with the magnificent Cassowary during feeding time.

  • Wetlands Cruise: Glide along serene waters on the Wetlands Cruise, a tranquil journey revealing the hidden gems of this unique habitat. Keep your camera ready for close encounters with fascinating creatures.


  • Engaging Commentary: Our expert driver shares intriguing facts and entertaining stories, making the journey an informative and enjoyable part of your adventure.

  • Full Park Access: Explore Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures at your own pace, strolling along boardwalks and pathways, immersing yourself in the wonders of the wildlife-rich environment.

  • Interactive Presentations: Participate in thrilling wildlife shows, witnessing jaw-dropping feats and gaining newfound appreciation for the incredible creatures that call this place home.

Other Important Info:

  • Culinary Delights: Savor delectable options for lunch or grab a snack at the on-site Café, adding a delicious twist to your wildlife adventure.

  • Homeward Journey: After an exhilarating afternoon, hop back on board your comfortable ride for the return journey, reminiscing about the day's unforgettable encounters and adventures.

Hartley's Crocodile Farm Cairns

Hartley's Crocodile Farm Cairns


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Travel the picturesque Captain Cook Highway to Hartley’s wildlife haven. Experience thrilling shows and a Wetlands Cruise. Enjoy engaging commentary, full park access, interactive presentations.
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