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  • Exclusive 2-day, 1-night liveaboard course on the Great Barrier Reef

  • Expert photographer guiding you through the wonders of underwater photography

  • Learn fundamentals, composition, lighting, and practical techniques

  • Dive or freedive sessions to capture the reef's marine life

  • Master Adobe Lightroom for post-processing and image enhancement

  • Become a certified underwater photographer through SSI


  • Comfortable accommodation on the luxurious liveaboard vessel

  • Expert guidance from a resident underwater photography expert

  • Dive or freedive sessions in the stunning Great Barrier Reef

  • Adobe Lightroom tutorial for post-processing and image enhancement

  • Certification as an underwater photographer through SSI

Other Important Info:

  • Personalized mentoring by the expert photographer throughout the course

  • Suitable for beginners and experienced photographers seeking to refine skills

  • Price based on one person capacity; contact for group pricing packages

  • Unparalleled opportunity to learn, grow, and gain confidence in underwater photography

  • Capture mesmerizing wonders of the deep and create unforgettable memories

  • Book now for an extraordinary underwater photography journey!

The equipment we use is:

Canon R5 with Aquatica Housing

Canon 5D Mk III with Aquatica housing

Canon 1DX with Nauticam Housing

Depth and Focus: Diving and Photography Workshop Masterclass

Depth and Focus: Diving and Photography Workshop Masterclass


48 hours





Pickup from accommodation:


Departure time/s:

Departure point: 

What to bring

Cancellation Policy
Dive into the 2-day Great Barrier Reef liveaboard course. Learn photography essentials, master composition, and post-processing for mesmerizing visuals
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