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Unforgettable UNESCO Excursion: Dive into the heart of Cape Tribulation and Daintree National Parks, both treasured UNESCO World Heritage sites. Your adventure begins with Down Under Tours aboard a specially crafted vehicle, promising an awe-inspiring journey


  • Scenic Coastal Drive Extravaganza: Kick off with a breathtaking coastal drive along the legendary Captain Cook Highway. Pause at Mossman Gorge for a revitalizing morning tea, setting the stage for a day of wonders

  • Rainforest Exploration and River Cruise: Guided walks through ancient rainforests and pristine waters offer a rare opportunity to connect with nature's ancient secrets. Then, embark on a pulse-quickening 1-hour cruise at the Daintree River Cruise Centre, where Saltwater Crocs and wildlife abound


  • Sumptuous Rainforest Lunch: Indulge in a delectable lunch surrounded by the enchanting beauty of the rainforest. Let the sights and sounds of nature enhance your dining experience

  • Morning tea at Mossman Gorge

  • Historic Beach Visit: Step onto the sands of Cape Tribulation beach, a place imbued with the legacy of Captain James Cook's 1770 exploration. Immerse yourself in history and nature's embrace

  • Exotic Fruit Ice Cream Delight: On the return journey, treat your taste buds to exotic fruit ice cream from the renowned Daintree Ice Cream Company. A sweet finish to an exhilarating day

  • Pick up from your hotel in Cairns, Palm Cove or Port Douglas

Other Important Info:

  • Picture-Perfect Moments at Alexandra Lookout: Elevate your photo game at Alexandra Lookout, offering sweeping vistas of the rainforest canopy, Daintree River's majestic flow, and the endless expanse of the Coral Sea

  • Multi-Language GPS Commentary: As you wind back, relish the soothing ride complemented by GPS-activated commentary available in six languages. Let the landscape's beauty serenade you as you journey through time

  • Eco-Accredited Excellence: Rest easy knowing that this tour is eco-accredited, and your experienced guides are passionate about preserving these ancient rainforests. Trust us to turn this journey into the highlight of your trip

Cape Tribulation, Daintree & Mossman Gorge

Cape Tribulation, Daintree & Mossman Gorge


11 hours





Pickup from accommodation:


Departure time/s:

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What to bring

Hat, sunscreen, camera, walking shoes, insect spray

Cancellation Policy
Explore Cape Tribulation and Daintree National Parks on an eco-accredited tour. Led by experienced guides, enjoy Mossman Gorge, Daintree River cruise, (look out for crocs!) lunch, Cape Tribulation beach, ice cream, and Alexandra Lookout.
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