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Perth and WA

Perth and WA

Perth, basking in perpetual sunshine, showcases stunning beaches and a thriving arts scene. Dive into its cosmopolitan vibe, wander through Kings Park, or embark on a journey to the historic port of Fremantle. Venture to the idyllic Rottnest Island for crystal-clear waters and encounters with adorable quokkas. 

In Broome, witness the captivating convergence of red cliffs and turquoise seas. Further north, the Kimberley region reveals ancient gorges, towering waterfalls, and mesmerizing Aboriginal rock art. 

Expert-guided land, sea and air - these tours promise a comprehensive Western Australia experience, from Perth's urban allure to the awe-inspiring landscapes of Broome, the Kimberleys, and Rottnest Island. Book now for an enriching adventure through this diverse and captivating region.



Cable Beach Camels

Embark on a leisurely camel ride with Steve's expert team. Discover the fascinating nature of these creatures, all while enjoying stunning views and refreshing sea breezes at Gantheume Point.

Broome Sunset Tour

Fly over endless white sands, vivid blue sea, camel trains, and a sky ablaze in gold and pink hues create a romantic and mesmerising atmosphere. A must do in Broome!

Cygnet Bay Explorer

Embark on an action-packed Kimberley adventure. Soar over the Horizontal Falls and Buccaneer Archipelago, visit Ardyaloon Community, and explore the exquisite pearls at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm.

Bungle Bungle Explorer

350 million years in the making! Depart Broome for an aerial adventure like no other, over Roebuck Bay, Fitzroy River, and Geikie Gorge. Explore Bungle Bungle's domes on a guided tour, concluding with a scenic flight over Wunaamin-Milliwundi Ranges and more.

Buccaneer Explorer

Explore the wonders of Broome and its surrounds. Witness the magnificent King Sound tides and the renowned Horizontal Waterfalls. Soar over the ancient Buccaneer Archipelago and iron-rich Koolan/Cockatoo Islands. Land at Ardyaloon for beach relaxation and a Trochus Hatchery tour, delving into local traditions and marine life. Conclude with a coastal flight showcasing Cape Leveque and the picturesque Dampier Peninsula.

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